Ethernet Connection: Why is it Important?

Ethernet Connection

There are three cable types used for Ethernet cabling. These are coaxial, twisted pair, and fiber-optic cabling. The twisted pair is the most popular among these three. Today, the usage for fiber-optic cabling keeps on increasing in high-performance networks. Many companies use Wi-Fi for its convenience but Wi-Fi has its downsides. Losing a connection can be very frustrating especially for a business. A lot of companies prefer using Ethernet connection for various reasons.


A Wi-Fi connection has a speed of up to 866.7 Mbps. Although this is pretty fast, wired Ethernet connections with Cat6 cables can go up to 10 Gbps. This makes a lot of difference. Cat6, or Category 6, cables provide a performance of up to 250 MHz. It is the network cabling used as the infrastructure for Ethernet networks. It can be as long as a hundred meters which offer more mobility than shorter cables.


Latency refers to the delay as signals travel back and forth from the wireless device to the router. There is much lower latency when using an Ethernet cable than when on Wi-Fi.


Wi-Fi is very vulnerable to hacking even with the most secure system. Someone, especially a professional, can find a way to connect to your Wi-Fi network. A wired network offers much higher security. A connection is only possible by plugging a device into the router.


It is unlikely to encounter any issues after the proper setup of an Ethernet cable connection. Wi-Fi is prone to interference that can result in signal loss. There are several factors that can get in the way of a wireless signal. These include networks of neighbors and other wireless devices such as microwave ovens. There is no problem such as this on a wired connection.

Energy efficiency

Using Cat6 cables for an Ethernet connection lowers the energy bill. This is because these cables let connections consume less energy than Wi-Fi connections. This is very beneficial to the environment.

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