Get To Understand Your Granite Surfaces

Granite Surfaces

Granite is a beautiful stone, as well as one of the hardest natural stone surfaces. Unlike their synthetic counterparts, graniteselection offers excellent heat resistance. This does it perfectly for countertop surfaces. Generally resistant to the acid, granite surfaces are rarely etched (there are some granites containing calcite, which are etched in the presence of acid leaks, cleaning agents, or fruit, but this is rare), which makes it an ideal surface for the counter.

However, like all-natural stones, these materials are porous and susceptible to absorption of leaks or discoloration of grease, resulting in unsightly stains. Although stains can be technically removed, it does require patience as it can take a few 24-hour steps to remove successfully. During this time, your granite surface will no longer work. The total duration can vary from one day to one week. As you can imagine, this can only become an expensive process due to the time associated with multiple trips (unless you are prepared to do it on your own). This can be an expensive process if an external vendor removes it. As you can imagine, the cost of repair far exceeds the cost of prevention. Avoid these inconveniences and expenses by simply cleaning and sealing granite on a bi-annual schedule.

Many manufacturers now “resin” their granite slabs as part of the manufacturing and shipping process. The resin involves sucking a plastic resin through the panel, which will become your stone countertop. This is done to counter or compensate for the natural fragility of certain borders by facilitating transport. We can recognize this process for the dramatic rise in the number of granite varieties presently coming to the market.

A secondary advantage of the resin process is that it naturally fills the stone’s pores, effectively reducing the need to seal a resin granite, saving the owner time and money. Sealing it during installation is the first step in keeping your granite for a long time. However, harsh cleaning products and acid leaks can degrade your seal over time, so it is recommended that you close it in two years.

The granite is beautiful and hard. It is a perfect surface for the kitchen worktop. Remember that regular waterproofing will help you maintain the stain-resistant surface for the granite countertop so that it can last a lifetime. Proper cleaning and sealing are the keys to saving money and maintaining quality in the long run.

Finally, when looking for a professional services company, make sure they keep their business. Most companies will provide a free estimate for the job, and if not, turn to someone else. Find out how long the company has been working for and be sure to ask plenty of questions. A good service company will have no problem answering your questions and dealing with all of your concerns.