Backup & Disaster Recovery: 4 Essentials of the Perfect Solution

Disaster Recovery

Backup and disaster recovery is a business imperative. A company’s files are at risk of compromise if not safely secured at a reputable off site facility. Your cutting-edge provider will utilise tape media to provide the safest storage solution for your records. Not only will this facility provide the safest storage solution, but it will also make record retrieval simple, as you will simply need to request the tape media you require.

There are four essentials that every backup and disaster recovery provider will have, and we will share them with you below:

State of the art storage vaults

The best backup and disaster recovery Sydney has will provide world class storage facilities for your tape media. The safe and secure storage of your media is their business and so they should provide custom-built, state of the art facilities to ensure your files are kept safe and free from compromise.

The storage facility will be strictly monitored and designed in a manner that ensures file safekeeping. Once the files are loaded onto tape media these tapes will then be transported to a secure storage vault that will not only ensure their safety but also your ability to easily retrieve them.

Secure transport vehicles

The need for secure transport vehicles is paramount as without them your files would be most at risk throughout the transport process. Therefore, your solution provider should have specially-modified media transport vehicles.

These vehicles will include the following features:

  • Climate-control: Sydney can even be balmy in the winter months. Therefore, your solution provider needs climate-controlled transport vehicles to ensure your tape media doesn’t succumb to the heat throughout transport.
  • Secure: The vehicles simply must be secure. There can be absolutely no compromise on the vehicle’s security. They should be safe from compromise and ensure that no one can break into them throughout the transport process.
  • GPS-monitored: The vehicles must be GPS-monitored to know their exact location throughout the transport process.
  • Unbranded: The vehicles must look inconspicuous to ensure that no one knows they are transporting sensitive tape media.
  • Company-owned: The vehicles cannot be sourced from a third-party provider. They must be company-owned and maintained to ensure your media’s safety.

Various rotation cycles

Your provider should offer backup rotation cycles across daily, business daily, weekly, fortnightly or monthly cycles. These rotation cycles will help keep your business organised and reduce the amount of downtime in the event of a disaster.

Dedicated account managers

Your solution provider should always have dedicated account managers. Business owners and staff don’t want to be put through to a random call centre when discussing their sensitive tape media. Naturally, they want a dedicated account manager that they can build a business relationship with and trust with their sensitive information.

Therefore, your provider must offer dedicated account managers for your service. You will be immediately put through to them and be able to speak with them regarding lodging and retrieving your important media. This helps ensure that you’re working with a trustworthy provider and one who has your media’s safety close at heart.

So, be sure to look out for these four imperatives when choosing your backup and disaster recovery solution. They all ensure that your business is protected in the event of an emergency and that you won’t suffer too much downtime. What’s more, they make media retrieval easy and provide a trustworthy solution for your business.