Building Inspections Perth Checklist

Building Inspections

If you have a home or a business building that needs to have an inspection for whatever reason, you must know that the inspector is going to have a very definitive list of things that they are going to be checking for in order to make sure that your building or home is up to date. But why would you want to have a building inspection in the first place?

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Why a Building Inspection?

When you have a building inspection done on your home or your building, it will allow you to learn all about the exterior and interior conditions of the entire building. With all of the information that you are going to be receiving, you will then be able to make a much more informed decision when it comes to any type of renovations or even potential transactions that you may be planning on making.

With that being said, when a building inspector from Jim’s Building Inspections Perth does come out to look over your building or home, they are going to be looking at some very specific things, and no, this does not include what type of refrigerator you are using or the style of flooring that you recently had installed.

Here is the checklist of things that you can expect to learn about your property when you have a building inspection completed.

Any special characteristics that your property may have such as special landscaping, paving, or even utilities. What type of shape the structural support frame for your home or building is in.

The surface area of your roof, which is going to be extremely important if you are planning on having the roof replaced at some point.

What condition the electrical and mechanical systems of the property are in and whether or not they should be replaced, as well as if they are up to code and safe to use or not.

What the condition of the plumbing system is in, not limited to the pipes and drains of the property.

The heating system and whether or not everything is safety compliant or if the system needs repairs, or even worse, if the heating system needs to be completely replaced. The condition of the properties air conditioning system and ventilation system. What kind of fire protection the building has been built to provide in case of a fire? Whether or not the interior elements are in good condition or if they are going to require work to get them back up to the standards.

Once you have a building inspection completed, you will be able to get an idea of the work that will be required to get the property back to where it needs to be in order to be compliant with any and all of the state and federal regulations. This is also going to allow you to get an idea of exactly what you will need to pay in order to bring the property back to what it should be. On top of that, the building inspector will also be able to make recommendations to help you get all the work done.