How CBD Oil is Effectively Extracted


Cannabis oil or CBD has been proven to be an effective way to treat many medical issues. The natural substance derived from the cannabis plant has helped to relieve chronic pain, inflammation, seizures, anxiety, and so many other health problems. However, when it comes to harvesting the plant for the specific purpose of creating CBD oil for the specific purpose of being used medicinally the extraction process is one that must be done correctly. The main reason is to make sure that the oil is safe for human consumption and to also remove a substance known as THC from the plant. THC is the part of the cannabis plant that causes that high feeling, so removing it to the point where only very little remain is essential to a quality CBD oil product.

Methods to Extract CBD

On an industrial level, there are two methods in which cannabis oil is extracted. But before using either of these methods the plant must be cultivated properly with the stems and stalk of the plant is the only parts used in the process since this is the part of the plant where only 3% percent or less of THC exist in the cannabis plant. From there one of two methods is used to continue to process of making the CBD oil the right way by proper guidelines.

CO2 Extraction: Time consuming and detailed method that is still considered one of the most effective ways to do the extraction process. The process is basically taking small amounts of the cannabis plant and filtering it through chambers of various temperatures. First through a chamber of extreme heat than from there a CBD Extraction Chiller chamber is used to complete the process creating a quality oil.

Ethanol Extraction: With this process more CBD oil can be extracted during one process. Also, this process of using ethanol at a low temperature removes certain unwanted component such as chlorophyll from the overall compound. Keep in mind though that both these processes must be done by those who understand how to use the equipment necessary due to the components used in the extraction process. Which brings us to a few more methods used by those who desire to do some do it yourself CBD Extraction.

Extracting CBD at Home

The above extraction methods are done industrially and involve using sophisticated machinery. For those who want to do the process on their own, there are two methods that can be used but remember that in using these to always do research first to make sure the process is done correctly. Olive Oil: The method is safe and can be an effective way to properly extract the CBD oil. Dry Ice: A bit more time consuming than using olive oil but another way that CBD oil can be extracted when done properly. Again with both methods, there are instructions that will need to be followed along with the proper tools to create the CBD oil. Another thing to keep in mind is the CBD oil is quite perishable and after extracting must be chilled in a cold dark place.