How to Work With Your Staff to Improve Business Profitability


If you want high productivity and profits from a business, the first step is getting the right staff. In many startups, entrepreneurs lose the set up for thinking that the cost used for human development is an expense that can be done away with. The following are three primary tips for working with business staff to improve business profitability.

Make sure to set productivity targets at all levels

When workers know that they are working towards a specific productivity target, they can go to any length to realize the objectives.

Think of identifying the targets that are achievable and sustainable. To make it easier for the business to achieve the targets, consider involving the staff from the beginning. They will propose the targets and move out of the way to own the process and results.

Identify gaps in staff skills and support progressive development

Your staff wants to feel valued and attached to the businesses as opposed to disposable workers.

The attachment makes them became proud about their work making them carry the brand everywhere they go. In addition to the traffic and sales driven by the marketing department, additional clients will follow the staff to buy and become part of their great organization.

To demonstrate to workers that you value them, make sure to identify gaps in their skills through regular evaluation. Then, subject them to progressive HRD (human resources development) to drive productivity to the next level. Remember that such development should be tailored to fit the business growth needs.

Make the staff your drivers for change

Your business can only grow if all the workers are moving in the same direction. In many cases, the workers are resistant to change because they are uncertain of how the changes will affect them. By helping workers to understand change and the benefits therein, they cease being resistance and become drivers of change.

As a manager or entrepreneur, the highly committed staff will become part of the primary force defining the destiny of the business. Some will even follow other offshore and local companies to know what they do to succeed and suggest new areas that need change.