How You Can Properly Select the Best Beer Can Seaming Machine for Your Needs


If you have already perfected a particular recipe (or several recipes) for your craft beer and everyone loves it, what’s the next step? For those who are serious about marketing their craft beer and would like it to become a big and booming business that could help them rake in a substantial profit, making an investment in a can seaming machine is the best way to go. Canning your beer has a lot of distinct advantages – for one, it can enhance the quality and taste of your product. For another, it can make your product safer for your consumers as there is less risk of contamination or leaks. But selecting the proper beer can seaming machine takes a bit of know-how, so here’s how you can do it right and select the best beer can seaming machine for your needs.

  • Assess the travel time from filler to the lid to seamer

You may already be aware that light and oxygen are enemies of excellent beer – and the travel time from filler to lid can significantly impact these factors. Most everyone involved in the canning industry will tell you that they are always working to decrease the oxygen pickup in beer, but one of the best ways you can mitigate this is to limit the distance traveled by the beer. And this means that when you are taking a look at a beer can seaming system, assess how far and long the beer can will travel from filler to lid to seamer. If the distance is two feet or more, more oxygen is likely to get into your beer product.

  • Think about affordability and balance it with great customer support and reliability

Any business owner who invests in certain technology will always think about the total expense of ownership of the technology and not just its purchase price. Aside from this, think about when there is an issue. How long will it take the supplier and manufacturer to fix your issue, so you’re up and running in no time? Look for a beer can seamer supplier who can provide you with excellent customer support and reliability while offering you a machine that has a competitive and reasonable price. The more time it takes for the manufacturer and supplier to fix an issue, the more this will cost you – so think carefully about their customer support and service as well.

  • Choose a seamer based on upgradeability

In general, you should be buying a beer can seaming machine based on where you think your production needs are headed in the next few years rather than where you currently stand in your production requirements. This means that you should choose a seamer based on its upgradeability, because if you are planning on expanding (and most business owners have this as a goal), then you need to be able to upgrade your machine without any headaches or hassles.

  • Consider integration with your system

Another factor that can also affect your decision in your beer can seamer is integration with your system. Make sure the machine you choose can easily integrate and work with other standard equipment in the industry.