The Benefits of Having Giveaways at Your Booth


There are many tactics exhibitors can use to preserve and prolong the image of their brands in each visitor’s memories throughout time. Some of the methods used to achieve this, include having a strong physical presence by displaying a booth that stands out from the rest, employing highly skilled staff who work within a team that provides diligent follow-ups to nurture and close leads.

The use of giveaways is another method exhibitors use to stand out from the crowd, and even though some people do not support this idea, here are some of the potential benefits you stand to reap by having giveaways at your booth:


Booth visitors are always a curious lot. They are always eager to know what you are offering, and by including a giveaway, you create the perfect grounds for your staff to strike a conversation with them. Your staff will then have an avenue to sell your wares, and possibly collect leads before giving the free item away. Remember, without good engagement at your booth; your success will be rather limited.


Everyone loves the free stuff, and you are likely to have huge crowds at your booth when you have something to give away for free. But don’t be thrown off by large crowds, because the exhibition floor is always full of freebie hunters, and if you are not careful, you may give out all the items without making a sale or collecting a single lead.

Brand Promotion

There are certain giveaways you can offer, which will help promote your brands. These are items that visitors will use, and in so doing, they will be increasing their own exposure to your brand, and possibly those around them. But for this to be successful, you should brand every giveaway with, and prominently feature your company’s logo, and any key contact information.