The Best Office Furniture Trends For 2018


When you look at your office you may notice that it is starting to look dated. Even if you updated your office just a few years ago, the chances are it is dated and needs to be done again. You may be asking yourself why you should even care about the latest trends when it comes to the design of your office or even more importantly what are the latest trends that you should be worried about? Well that is what we are going to share with you here. Then you can see why you need to be concerned about the trends, but also know more about the trends that are going to impact your business.

Why Should I Be Worried About The Latest Trends

As sad as this may sound, clients want to see something that looks new and modern a lot more than they want to see something that looks old and dated. So the latest trends are something that you will want to keep up on. This will allow your customers to know that you are keeping up with the changes, but also know that you are going to provide all the comforts your clients would be expecting to get when they are inside of your office for a meeting or waiting for an appointment with you.

  1. A Smaller Desk

A desk used to be the main focus item in the office and since it was the main focal point it was fine for it to be larger and bulky. This would allow for the computer to be on the desk, but also made it easier for you to have the writing space you would need to jot down the notes you were having with clients. Now, the computers are smaller and not really taking up as much real estate. With the smaller computers comes the need for a best hovering desk so you will find a smaller desk is one of the newer trends and if you are just using an iPad or tablet for your computer a small desk would allow for plenty of writing space with the tablet not taking up hardly any room.

  1. Space For Collaboration

This is going to fall under the smaller desk trend as well. While the desk are going to need to be smaller, you will find the younger generation likes to work together on projects. Since this is the case you will want to provide a workspace table for people to work on the projects together. Then you will not have to be concerned about everyone getting pushy around the office space.

A key point you will want to remember is to make the table small enough that everyone can gather around it. This will allow for everyone in the team to get their input in and be able to see the charts, graphs, design ideas, or other topics that are being discussed clearly and easily.

  1. Chairs Need To Be More Functional

This is a trend that has started to develop in some places and that is the chairs have to be functional as seat, but also comfortable. At times this can include a massage style chair for the workers or it could even be a chair that can allow the worker to move around easier. This way they are able to get around the office quickly and easily. Now when you are looking at the chairs you will want to make sure you are getting a chair that will provide you with the employee engagement you want to have as well.

  1. Standing Desk

You have probably seen the commercials on the Internet, television, or heard them on the radio about the standing desk. While this may seem like it would make for an uncomfortable work day, it actually does not and if the proper padding is supplied it allows for the employees to be comfortable while standing as well. So the standing desk is another trend that people are starting to use more often for the work they are going to have to do.

When people are using the standing desk and they want to work out, you will find some standing desk can attach to a treadmill. This will allow the employees to work and workout at the same time. So this will help to increase the overall health of the employees and this is something that can really help you out as the boss as well.

  1. A Lounge Area

This is one aspect of the employees that they are not really going to want to get rid of anytime soon. That is a place that they can go and sit down and complain about the boss. Just kidding about the complaining about he boss section, but this is an area that the employees want to have because it allows them to have a nice break room type of area. However, instead of the hard-plastic chairs and lunch room style tables it will be completely different and more welcoming.

A great way to think of the design for the lounge is this is a place that allows your employees to go sit down like they would if they are at home. This can include anything from a comfortable couch to a table. What else is nice is this lounge area may even allow you to have a television inside of it so your employees can keep up with the latest news.

Being able to keep up with the latest trends in office furniture and designs is important. This will allow your employees to be happy, but at the same time it makes it easier for everyone to relax and enjoy themselves. When this happens it often translates to the customers as well. This will allow you to impress the clients with the work and know they are going to really love the company and want to work with your computer in the future. Without this, you could be left out as more employees leave and with them go the clients because you did not keep up with the latest trends.