Tips to Choose a Recruiting Agency

Recruiting Agency

When you have a job offer from a company, you need to apply to that company through a recruiting agency. Do not apply directly to the company. Recruiting agencies are paid by the employers. This means that they have an incentive for making sure that your application goes through smoothly and that you pass the pre-screening process with flying colours.

When you fill out a job application directly with the company, there is no incentive for them to go through your resume and make sure it is perfect.

But how do you know you’re working with a reputable company?

Here are some tips to choose a recruiting agency:

Do your research

Research the agency by checking out its website and social media pages. Look for information that confirms it really is a recruiting agency and not just a head-hunter.

Approach recruiters with questions

Ask about their screening processes, interview preparation services and what they do to ensure they find you the right match in an organization.

Check financial stability

You want to make sure the agency is financially stable and will be around if you need to contact them later on.

Ask for references

Talk to former or current clients about their experiences working with the recruiter and how the agency has helped them throughout their job search process. Contact Recruitment crowd for more information.

Be wary of guarantees or promises

Be leery of any guarantee that seems too good to be true or any recruiter who makes a promise about a specific position or salary range at a specific company. Recruiters can tell you about opportunities, but there are factors that are outside of their control, like whether the hiring manager wants more experience or if another candidate is willing to take less money than you are offering.

Check their reputation

You want to make sure that you are dealing with a reputable company so check out their reputation online. If they have been in business for many years and have many satisfied customers then this is the company that you should hire. Everything else should be taken into consideration but they will be at the top of your list of choices.

Go with an agency you can rely on

You need to make sure that they have staff members who will respond to your needs quickly and efficiently. If they do not answer phone calls or emails, or if they take too long to get back to you, then it is probably time to find another agency.