Types of Forbrukslån (Consumer Loans)

Forbrukslån (Consumer Loans)

Besides having numerous sources like lenders, unions, and banks, there are a few types of consumer loans that will depend on what you are spending the funds on. Even your credit card can be one of the forms but there are other more complex forms like a student, auto and mortgage credits. Each type is administered by state and federal guidelines so there is a limit to the interest rates someone can offer.

There is a lot of information about consumer loans or forbrukslån guide on the internet that can help you to learn everything about it. But, sometimes you might need professional help. It’s important to read everything that is in the documents like terms and conditions, length of the agreement. There are a lot of opportunities that you can use but you need to be careful with numbers.

Most Popular Options

You can basically get funding for most of the things you want to purchase so it’s hard to tell the exact number of types that exist. They differ just on the basis of the repayment period and interest rate. It will also depend on the company or institution and what they have to offer. Some of the most popular options include loans for home equity, payday, cash advances, small businesses, veterans, auto, mortgages, student and debt consolidation.

This is nothing more than combining every debt you have on your credit card and creating one unique debt that is repaid with 1 monthly amount. This is done because you won’t have multiple rates for multiple bills and fewer payments each month. It’s one of the simplest kinds to understand but a very useful one. Read more about it here: https://www.creditkarma.com/personal-loans/i/types-of-loans


They can only be distributed by online lenders, unions, and banks and are meant for buying a household. The trick is that the agreement is tied to the house which is a risk for you if you fall behind payments. A good thing is that they have the lowest rates compared to any other sort. They are viewed as secured loans.

They also last the longest usually from 15 to 30 years depending on the lender, but it’s always a better idea to go as shorter as possible. The interest ranges usually between 2.5% to 5.8% which shouldn’t be acceptable but that will be offered to people with a bad credit score. You should work on your credit history so you can get a better deal. People usually decide to make a deal with national banks instead of online lenders because they are more trusted but it may be a more expensive option.

Auto Loans

Another type of secured loan is auto-related which is tied to the property you are buying. This is great for the banks because they will get something in return if you don’t have money to pay them but it can be risky for you when there is a bad financial month. You probably saw car dealerships promoting their offers which is connect to the credit union or a bank. They usually offer a payment period from 12 to 84 months with an interest rate that goes up to 14%.

Home Equity

Something more complex to understand is the equity you have in your home which means that the home is worth more than you have to return for it. You can ask for funding against that equity which will be used most likely for renovating. This is something that many real estate agents do to improve the aesthetics of the house so it will increase its overall price. Find out more on this link.

The downside is that they are using the home as collateral but with the lower rates that you are paying at the moment for the building. The difference is that the rate is fixed which is beneficial for the borrower considering that many people had issues with increased payments during inflation. Average terms include 5 to 10 years of monthly payments with an interest ranging from 3% to 12%.

These are some of the most popular types that they are always promoting but there are other specialized for small businesses or veterans. One with the biggest rate is the payday type which can get up to 500% because they are short-term. Some of the unions can also create special deals for you if you have a good history with them.