What Are The Top Causes of Distracted Driving Accidents?

Distracted Driving Accidents

Most car accidents take place due to negligence, and one of the main types of negligence among drivers is a distraction. Distracted driving causes hundreds of thousands of injuries every year and is responsible for thousands of deaths. Despite how dangerous it is, drivers still try to multitask when they drive. 

Research says that every driver has been distracted behind the wheels at least once. But, this needs to stop. Should you sustain injuries because of another driver’s negligence, you must seek help from an Atlanta GA car accident lawyer

Top causes of distracted driving 

Speaking on the phone. 

People can barely pass an hour without using or looking at their smartphones. Despite the government’s efforts to spread awareness about the dangers of using mobile phones while driving, the behavior is still seen in many drivers. When you speak on the phone, you take one of your hands off the wheel which poses a danger. Even if you are using a Bluetooth device, there are chances of cognitive distraction. 


Thousands of people have become dependent on GPS when traveling to a new destination. GPS can be helpful in providing you with an accurate and the fastest route to reach your destination with no delays. It is undoubtedly a helpful addition to vehicles. However, using GPS while driving can be equally dangerous. GPS can easily take your attention and cause visual and cognitive distractions. Even glazing down for one second to check the route can result in a disastrous incident. 

Talking with an occupant of the vehicle. 

When people travel with their friends and family, they may like to talk about things, sing songs, play games, etc. While these are great for making your car journey a memorable one, they can also turn into a disaster if the driver becomes more distracted than they should be. Constantly speaking with the driver increases the risks of an accident. 

Adjusting music. 

People normally like to listen to music, podcasts, news, etc., when they travel by car. While it is completely fine to listen to a bit of entertainment or news while you are on your way to work, moving your eyes from the road to control or adjust the music system can be dangerous. Putting on music that is too loud can also cause distractions and make it difficult to hear cars honking. 

Moving pets in the car. 

All pets do not sit in one place for a long time. If you are taking your pet with you in the car, chances are they will try to move here and there and cause distractions. Maybe they are getting on the dashboard or trying to move the gear, both of which can be dangerous. 

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