What Kind of Employee Benefits are Right for my Staff?


When a business has the best employees, it absolutely has to keep them on board. This will mean offering them benefits and rewards that recognise their individual skills and needs.

An employer will need a dynamic benefits platform. Flex Genius is a software that will tick all the boxes. It has outstanding platform and presentation benefits and delivers the kind of top experience your demanding employees expect.

One of the outstanding features of Flex Genius is the profiling and grouping features. It reads deeply into each individual employee and takes on board his or her needs, wants and experience. It then tailors the benefits to suit.

It can deliver communication via video, integrated announcements or news reel. Put bluntly, if your business wants to attract the right talent, valuable packages of flexible benefits are key.

Let us look at some of the benefits that Flex Genius has to offer:

Wellbeing and Health

If you can appreciate the benefits employees place on health and wellbeing then you will know this area is much appreciated by your staff members. Flex Genius actually scours the market. It brings you the best in gym memberships, massage therapies, counselling sessions and general health advice.

Building a Nest Egg

Most employees love the idea of having a small pool of cash ready for their holiday in August or at Christmas time. A nest egg can help provide this. A small amount of money can be held back from the salary in order to gain interest and be released to the staff member as and when they actually want it.

Fair Care will scour the market looking for the best financial products and the most dynamic interest rate payments. When the time eventually comes, the employees will be able to receive a small amount of cash that will become the readily available nest egg they have always dreamt of.

Lifestyle is Key

Every employee has a lifestyle. It will differ from one staff member to the next. At Flex Genius there are ways where the software can pinpoint the individual needs of that specific employee.

The selection of benefits within this package are vast and wide ranging.

Rewards and Recognition

It goes without saying, every employee likes to be told they have done a good job. They will also love being rewarded for their efforts. At Flex Genius there are a wide range of packages designed to reflect this.