What to Do when Facing Assault Charges from employee in office

Assault Charges

Facing assault charges can be scary. Many uncertainties may come with serious criminal charges like these. Assault crimes are taken by local law enforcement very seriously. An assault charge can have you facing significant financial penalties and mandatory jail time. And an assault conviction can stay on your criminal record and can impact your life for years to come. That is why you will want to speak with an experienced Vancouver assault lawyer when charged with assault. It is important to act quickly, so you can mitigate some of the damage the charge can cause your life. Here are things you can do to help your case:

Talk to an Assault Lawyer Right Away

If you are facing a criminal charge because of an assault, you must retain professional legal counsel. If you are considering working with the system by yourself to avoid lawyers’ fees, keep in mind that the court system is hard to navigate on your own and you can easily make innocent mistakes that will cost you more money. Also, by not having a lawyer working on your case, you can get convicted and get harsher punishment.

An experienced lawyer will examine the details of your case to determine the best defense possible. This way, you can avoid unnecessary jail time and decrease the charges that go onto your criminal record.

Remain Calm and Silent

You should not try to explain your side of the story when the police arrive at the scene of the assault. Ideally, you must remain calm and treat the police with respect without answering their questions. Inform the police that you want to exercise your right to remain silent and want to speak with your lawyer.

Don’t Discuss the Incident with Others

What you tell people about the incident could affect your case. These people can be witnesses in the case and would need to testify against you. If you must talk about the situation, do it with your lawyer. Your lawyer can recommend confidential resources that can help you manage the feelings that come with your charges.

Stay Away from Further Conflicts

As you wait for your court dates, avoid any further conflicts with the law. More charges or further incidents can put you in hot water quickly. Try to keep a low profile and just focus on your regular activities like work and school. Also, don’t interact with the other parties involved in the assault charges.