Why Groundworks Are So Important


Regarding construction, the groundworks are a critical component of the structure, as the footings and foundation provide the solid base on which the building can stand. The scope of the foundations would depend on the size of the building, which for a standard two-storey home would be around one metre in depth.

Screw Pylons

These innovative devices simply screw into the ground to the required depth, which provides a pillar for support, onto which the foundations can sit. Consult with an affordable commercial construction company in Matlock about groundworks, and they can discuss your options, and help you to provide a cost effective foundation for your new build.

Ground Clearance

Before any construction project can get underway, the ground must be cleared, which might involve:

  • Demolishing an existing building
  • Clearing vegetation
  • Removing large amounts of soil

Once the ground has been cleared, the excavation can begin and the footings can be built. The scope would be governed by the working plans, and a building inspector would check the footings and foundation before the work can continue.

Concrete and Steel

For anything over two storeys, piles would be driven into the ground, and a detailed geological survey would establish how far down the piles would be driven. There could be as many as 8 steel and concrete posts that are driven into the ground to provide the essential support, and there would be reinforced steel mesh in the flooring, to give the concrete tensile strength.

Utility Connections

The water mains and the sewer pipes need to be connected, and these would be installed at the same time as the floor is laid. When the concrete is poured, the utility connections would be boxed in, allowing connection when the concrete floor is set.