Argyle Diamond Investments – 5 Rules For Investment


Pink diamonds recognised as a good investment option. This is due to their unique crystal structure. Pink diamonds are genuinely rare but some people think they are replica because of some company artificially supervisory them. Diamonds taken out of the Argyle Diamond mine are 1% pink while resting white or colourless diamonds. Even though with such a low quantity of these diamonds, Argyle Diamond mine supplies 99% of its pink diamond in the market.

Argyle diamond investment is a great way to invest your money on the pink diamond to make safe and profitable cash. If you have any doubts about the investment, then read the point mentioned below to have more clarity on the five major rules of investment to make the right diamond investment.

  1. Buy the one which is best in colour

Geologically speaking, Argyle diamond mines are comparatively young when we compared them to other diamonds mine. Normally, these diamonds are not big in size. However, they offer a variety of colours in their diamonds. The most intense diamond is rarer.

  1. Buy them with proper paperwork

It is necessary to buy your diamonds from a certified place. This avoids any kind of fraud in the future. Argyle diamonds have a particular lot number or certificate with them. Still, you have any doubt you can get your diamond to examine from the gem laboratory. This way you can make sure about the diamond quality.

  1. Buy few rather than one

If you have money then, buy little exceptional unique pink diamonds rather than one beautiful expensive diamond. You can preserve them as long as you want. Moreover, if you ever want to sell them, resell it little by little to make some profit. Sell them in mid-range because people prefer to buy pocket-friendly diamonds moderately than one expensive diamond.

  1. Get insurance and store them in a safe

Store your diamonds in your house vault or in the bank vault for better security. Pink diamonds can be used for a long time or its better to keep them in a secure place so it can be used for generations. If you want, you can get insurance on your diamonds for precautions.

  1. Do not use in as jewellery

Pink diamonds may look beautiful as jewellery but it is not good to use them as only as show off jewellery. They are purely used as a source of investment. So do not waste them.

Therefore, here are the five investment rules of Argyle Diamond Investment. Follow these rules if you wish to invest in pink diamonds or any other diamonds in general. Keep these facts in mind before capitalising your money and go through all the terms and conditions of the market.

One must learn all the basics rules of investment before deciding to invest their money on any particular thing, be it a property, gold, or diamonds. Pink diamonds are one of the safest options to invest when you choose to invest in diamonds.