Could AR and VR Be The Future Of Corporate Meetings And Events?


Augmented reality, as well as Virtual reality, are two new techniques making life more comfortable and even more impactful for everyone, be it a gamer, businessman, event manager, or a surgeon.

The applicability of these two concepts is broadening day by day, which compels us to realise that the future corporate meetings and events are a level up in the scalability of AR/VR.

To know more about how to make it possible even for your business dealings, read along with us:

  • Attend Or Host Virtual Conferences

The state-of-the-art VR platforms help you to attend or host different corporate conferences virtually. That being said, involves features on a different dimension where you can have the customised infrastructure, get connected to people online, see and visit rooms like auditoriums, receptions, waiting areas, etc.

The whole idea is that even if you are at one corner of the world, hosting meetings with your biggest investors or stakeholders online has never been so much easier. So, anyone with a steady internet connection and the portable VR devices would be able to join the meeting link, which you would share.

  • Publicise Yourself With Trade Shows And Exhibitions

One of the best benefits of VR/AR is that you can conduct different trade shows online on the stream or replace the real-life setting using the AR for other exhibitions.

This way, you wouldn’t need another infrastructure or location for inviting larger audiences or stakeholder to your events. The setting of the functions will already be there in the virtual format.

Moreover, as there is no limit in general for inviting the members to attend such events on the online server of VR, you can easily publicise your product offering and conduct great test marketing from afar.

  • Launch Your Product Easily & Globally

With online virtual environment for enabling the features like chat, resource centres, lounges and live presentation offered by the VR/AR specialists at iVent, you can easily launch your products in the market without leaving your office spaces.

There are different CRMs, live streaming for questions and answers as well as the product testing sessions online using the VR devices by a mass, which is not possible financially every time on a face to face meeting.

  • Carry Out Online Training

A VR or AR technology can help conduct seminars, webinars, and live team-building training for the employees as well as for aspiring students in that particular field, even when you are travelling or not at the registered place.

The AR and VR system is creating a greater market place for corporates to expand beyond the physical boundaries of geographies.

When everything can be conducted online on a different dimension, factor costs will also be reduced, and more opportunities will knock on the door.