Truest Choices for the Forms of Writing for the Freelancers


Lack of time or lack of expertise to explore specific topics is often a reason to have the assignment written by a freelancer. In this way, the company or the client can clearly define its projects, and all associated costs for content development are clear.

Advantage of an ‘own’ writer

Although companies often work with different freelance writers, it is not unusual for a satisfied client to work with a permanent freelancer for the longer term. Such collaboration has several advantages. In this way the writer can fully master the tone and style of a company and bring that out consistently in all content. The client, in turn, knows exactly what to expect from the copywriter. Furthermore, the lines are short and for briefing and revision, the writer often only needs a few words, which saves a lot of time.

Working with a freelance copywriter requires some investment in time and effort from the client. Freelancers can only deliver finished products that meet all expectations if the instructions are clear and detailed enough. And as soon as the freelance copywriter has submitted a first version of the assignment, it must be checked and sometimes adjustments or further instructions are required. In the work you can have the support present in paperhelp.

Professional copywriters

Via The medium clients have access to all the writers they need. Our platform ensures thousands of successful collaboration projects every month. Clients can post their assignments with one or more writers who can be selected from different backgrounds. In addition, the authors database also contains professional subject writers who have extensive knowledge of certain niche subjects or specialist fields.

Become a writer for The medium

To get started as a copywriter for The medium no specific training is required. Creativity, writing talent and good spelling and grammar skills are the most important characteristics that we desire. Plus of course the motivation to further develops in writing and copywriting. There is always enough supply of assignments from different clients.

Classification and rate

The medium pays copywriters per word and the rate depends on the writing level, expressed in stars. A starting text is therefore required from the starting The medium author on the basis of which our editors determine the classification. If the writing level with the submitted assignments gets better and better, our editors adjust the number of stars, and therefore also the rate, upwards. The copywriter can also set a rate for himself. And if there is more cooperation with a specific client, a fixed price agreement can be made with this client.


Whether freelance writers work for the print press, carry out assignments within online content marketing, or are engaged as a creative author by companies and organizations, the projects and topics that they tackle are always very diverse. The medium has a large database with hundreds of authors, including many subject specialists.

Almost all content is nowadays produced and distributed digitally. That is why our freelance authors, in addition to writing talent, accuracy and creativity, can also be expected to have a certain knowledge of content management systems, basic HTML and SEO.