The learning and practicing trading on Forex market somehow do not ask traders to deal with their real money from the beginning. Hence, the Demo account is the best technique traders use before the real account.

The right choice of the Demo account would lead you to the quick result im learning the environment of trading and analysis as well as testing new trading patterns.

How a Forex demo accounts is defined?

Practice Trading currencies with risk free from losing real money is the primary feature of a Forex Demo account. It is also known as a “sim” account, an abbreviation of simulation, which allow traders to sense as likely to the real money.

The establishment of the Demo account is to simulate the real investment accounts. The best forex brokers 2019 expect you may earn benefits as you start your real career with real investment.

The goods and the bads of the Demo account

Traders are provided opportunities in order to improving skill through practicing with Demo account features without losing the real capital. However, the real accounts are more features.

The goods

  • Find out if it is possible to you to trade currencies: the most traded currency pairs possess the highest trading volume, especially midnight and early morning
  • Risk-free money for practicing: in order to be familiar with the process of placing orders and execution, it takes newbies lot of time-consuming.
  • Improving competencies and strategies: updating new strategies and testing new tools is the most prefered activities of experienced traders. Hence, with Demo account, those traders have more features than when transfers to the real executions.
  • Platform trials: personal bias is the fundamental concepts of every traders in making a decision on a trading platform. This trial process is to help trader identify the ease of navigation, charting and trading execution. Furthermore, bugs and stability issues can also be sifted.

The bads

  • Funds and using period limited of the Demo accounts: the usual terms of using the best demo account is the limitation of time of the free simulated funds allowance. In the positive way of thinking, this terms is to ensure traders will move to real funds after a period of practicing.
  • The difference between the real trading conditions and the Demo account conditions : due to the unrealistic money allowance in the Demo accounts, the bid and ask quotes meeting your criteria are not appropriate to guarantee the real trade similarity.
  • The delay or difference of data: real data streaming is not applicable to the Demo account traders. So, your trading data is a delay or incomplete data from the previous real data streaming.
  • Emotional cost of trading insufficient: emotional decision making is always appeared in trading with real funds. The lost of $100,000 of Demo account funds makes less worried than the lost of $100,000 in the real funds. Hence, you may consume definitely different decision with demo account and actual account.
  • Personal privacy information insecured: with Demo accounts, it requests lots of personal information when signing up, such as name, address and more.

Here is the top picked list of the Best Demo account brokers:

  1. Exness minimum deposit
  2. Hotforex
  3. XM
  4. FXTM


It is no doubt to conclude that the Demo account is best at risk-free trading for the purpose of practicing and testing new trading patterns. However, the Imitation of unexpected outcomes in transferring to real investment exists. Transferring to real money trading is easy and enhance the sense of the difference in trade executions. Traders will possess real emotions which cannot be seen in the Demo accounts.