Find Best 5 Mexican Restaurants in Lansing

Mexican Restaurants

There are a lot of questions that have been raised on the quality of food that has been made by the people about the quality of the food that is made by restaurants. There are many restaurants that have been facing with allegations by a lot of people and many restaurants had been winded up their operations because of these allegations. There is a lot of strictness that has been in the regulations which induces huge penalties on the restaurants if they’re found cheat.

There are many restaurants that have maintained their quality and the prices over the years. Some restaurants increases there prices by a huge hike while some have changes only by a whisker amount. Restaurants in Lansing have totally maintained their quality of food and services they offer. People usually don’t believe in the quality of Mexican food but Mexican restaurants in Lansing MI have been rated the best in terms of their quality. The top 5 best restaurants in Lansing MI are as follows:

  • Mexico to go: As the name suggests, this is one of the most oldest and authentic restaurants that deal only with the Mexican food and forte in that only. There are a lot of varieties one can get for Mexican food here and every dish is of a good quality.
  • Aldaco’s Taco: This is also a Mexican restaurant but the specialty of this restaurant as the name indicates is in tacos. There are many variety of taco’s that are in its ala carte. Mexican’s most famous dish is taco and this restaurant has specialized in every taste and flavors of tacos.
  • Pablo’s old town Mexican Restaurant: One of the oldest Mexican restaurants in Lansing MI. This restaurant has some other food types as well like continental and Thai food. People who come to Lansing as a tourist visit here for sure.
  • El Azteco: There are some of the restaurants that offer food from around the world and still maintain the quality of each and every food. This restaurant in Lansing is one of that restaurants and it has the best cuisine for Mexican food as well. The ambience of the restaurant is hopping and beautiful. The live music during the weekends makes it even more endearing. The in house brewery is also maintained really well.
  • Los rancheros Mexican Grill: This restaurant has a completely different and the most trending cuisine style that is increasing in its value all over the world. The absolutely grill style of making and serving food. It is kind of a live grill that is placed on the table and all the snacks are roasted on the grill and made in front of the customers. Also main course dishes are being in a buffet style. This also turns out to be very reasonable to the customers, especially those who like to eat a lot.

There are many Mexican restaurants in Lansing MI that have been like a lot by people who visits Lansing. Even the people living there prefer to have a meal in the above restaurants.