Stay Healthy & Fit From Home With These Fitness Apps

Fitness Apps

Health & fitness craze is increasing among people day by day. Everyone has understood the need to remain fit and healthy otherwise life is nothing else than disease and doctor. Being fit and healthy does not only mean that we need to do exercise only but also we have to follow a particular healthy diet.

Not everyone is able to get time for working out on a daily basis. There is lot of travelling that people need to do forgoing to gym and coming back. But this problem is solved by some applications. The top 5 health& fitness applications that are available in the market is:

  • Huwaei health: Huwaei has brought a new fitness application that keeps a record of your fitness. It counts the number of steps you’ve walked in your whole workout and even tells other details such as kilometres covered, time taken etc. It can be connected to the Huwaei watch and it tracks your heart rate as well.
  • 6 pack abs in 30 days: This application has helped a lot in making the abs workout done at home. This application claims to make 6 pack abs in just 30 days if the exact workout is followed by people that are given in the application. For proper guidance animated video are used as tutorials for each exercise.
  • Home work out: A complete workout package for those who can’t go to work out at gym. You can download the application and have a complete gym experience without any weight lifts. This is the unique thing in this application. It provides you a complete body workout with the help of exercise for every part of the body.
  • Samsung health: One of the best application and a fitness tracker. It is the same as other fitness tracker but the accuracy of this is much better than others. If you have a Samsung phone or a Samsung smart watch then this application will work best for you. With the help of Samsung phone and this application you can even check the oxygen level in your body which is not available in any other application. Also the fitness tracker helpsin making an accurate calculation regarding steps and other workout details like calories burned etc.
  • Lose belly fat in 30 days: This application is helpful in losing the belly fat. All the videos that are available provide a non-weight lifting workout yet effective. This application claims to lose the belly fat in just 30 days provided that all workout that is given is followed by the user. You can do it anytime when you’re free at your home.

These applications have made it easier for people to be fit and healthy. But what difficulty people face is that they need a safe place from where they can download all these applications. If you’re worried about this then just make 9apps download and leave your all worries. This application is not just safe but also helpful in other ways like it comes up with suggestions on the basis of your search history or the previous downloads that you’ve made.