The Rise Of Medical & Health Related Startups


Health is big right now. Some health products and companies may come across as a short-term trend. But today’s consumer is more than ever obsessed with health. From fitness trackers to meal prep to boutique fitness places, our society has become a health-conscious society.

Big tech and e-commerce have come together to launch major startups in the health space. One of the newest types of companies that are forming from the health craze is online pharmacies. Companies are being launched that deliver prescription drugs straigtt to one’s front door. These companies intertwine medicine, pharmacy, technology and e-commerce. Today, it is extremely easy to order medication just as if you were ordering clothing from an online retailer.

Health tech app startups are hot right now. These are essentially like any medical answering service. These services allow for people to communicate face to face with a licensed medical professional. Any health questions or concerns can be answered directly by a professional from a smartphone medical app.

For those who work in the medical field, there are social network startups out there that allow for them to consult and collaborate together. This allows for medical workers to discuss new trends, diseases, business-related issues and pretty much anything else related to the medical field.

Fifty billion dollars a year is spent on workers compensation and medical bills related to back pain. LumoBack is solving this issue with its sensor. Their sensor goes directly on the lower back and alters you to any back issues you are having. The sensor works to help the person wearing it improve their posture by sending them notifications to their iPhone.

The business of babies is big. Parents spend billions of dollars on their newborn infants. They will spend any amount of money to prepare for the arrival of their child. Neolight is a health-related startup that helps infants with jaundice. This startup is amongst many other startups that cater to newborns, millennial moms and the booming children industry.

Just as much money as people spend on their newborn babies, they equally spend as much on trying to conceive their children. Modern Fertility is a fertility company that sends kits to customers to test their fertility. Their kit makes women feel very comfortable with knowing about their fertility. This is just a single company amongst many other health-related companies that are focused on educating people about their health, fertility, genetics and possible diseases.

Businesses treking into the world of health have great chances of having success. This sector is not extremely easy to have success in. But with the ideal business model, differentiation, leadership and customer service a medical or healthcare startup could find major success. If you’re looking to have success in this sector, understand that many businesses are able to cash in on how consumers are very interested in living a happy and healthy lifestyle. This industry is one of the best industries to get started in due to how much growth potential it offers company founders.