Why E-Commerce Platforms Need Better Web Design

E-Commerce Platforms

E-commerce businesses have tons of potentials, especially with more people having access to the internet. Instead of going to local stores, they prefer buying items online. Selling quality products is key to attracting more people to buy. However, a better web design also plays a role. These potential customers don’t go to a physical store for shopping. The website is their shopping space. They have to feel comfortable with it. Below are the reasons for investing in web design and how a web design agency in Oxford like XIST2 can help.

Potential customers want a convenient online experience

When people search for products to buy online, they want to find the item right away. If the website is confusing, it will take time before finding a suitable product. Others even have to go through several pages before finishing the transaction. Web design experts can fix these issues by simplifying the page. Users won’t have a hard time searching for information and paying for the desired items.

The bounce rate will go down

When users enjoy browsing the page, they will stay. They have a reason to look for information across different pages. They also know that staying will give them more ideas. The bounce rate could go down as a result. Having a low bounce rate means that more users decide to delve deeper into what the business offers. Eventually, this low bounce rate will lead to an increase in conversion rate.

There are more competitors

With more resources available, companies can create better websites. There are advances in web design technology that make it easier to create more stunning websites. If other companies have more appealing pages, they can take the lead. They can convince more people to buy their products. It will leave your business behind. If you want to be more competitive, you should invest in web design.

It’s everything you have

The main website is where all transactions happen. You have to ensure that it looks good and easy to use. Even your search engine optimization efforts also lead back to the main page. If it’s problematic, you can’t expect everything else to do well. It’s like having a brick and mortar store. If it looks terrible and disorganized, most customers will leave. They will look for a store that offers a better shopping experience. You can say the same about online stores. If they don’t appeal to the users because of bad web design, they won’t buy from you.

Given these reasons, it makes sense to invest in web design. Some experts know what to do. They can work with you in determining which designs suit your brand best. While they’re the experts, you will have a voice in the process. You can decide if you will pursue the suggestions or you wish to tweak some portions. It helps if you work with seasoned design experts who will give you excellent ideas and ensure the best results.