Write The Perfect Album In 5 Steps

Perfect Album

Do you like to make music and would you like to take this hobby to the next step? Then there’s one logical thing to do: make an album. It’s something that’s not incredibly hard to do if you’re good at making music, yet a lot of people are scared of doing so. The reason for this: they simply don’t know how to. In this blog, we’ll give you 5 easy steps you can follow to make an amazing album. Good luck!

Step 1: Writing

A good album doesn’t write itself. If you want to make music, you need to start with writing it. Of course, there are several ways of doing this. Firstly, it’s possible you don’t want to make music with lyrics at all. Still, you will need to write the melodies, the beat, etc. If you don’t know where to start, a popular writing style is freestyling. By just jamming, you often find cool parts to start with. The rest will follow!

Step 2: Recording

The cool thing about recording an album is that you don’t have to have all the songs finished in order to start recording the album. This is what makes an album so much fun to make: you get to partake in every aspect that music offers. Once you’ve put pen to the paper and the first song is finished, you can immediately start to record it. Sometimes, you don’t even end up using this, but it’s a great start and it keeps thing varied.

Step 3: Album details

Is your album almost finished, then it’s time to think about how you’re going to present this to the world. Of course, your album needs a name and an album cover, but you also need to think about what channels you’ll use to promote your music. If you want, it’s possible to release your music physically as well, on cd or vinyl. You share the release date and the hype will begin!

Step 4: Claim the copyright

The online world opens many doors for all the right reasons, but also for the wrong ones. One of these wrong things is online piracy. When your music falls into the wrong hands, people can try to sell it online themselves, taking a lot of the revenue away from you. So, before you tease your music, make sure to invest in anti piracy software, as this makes sure no one else runs with your content.

Step 5: Release the album

Everything’s done! Now you can enjoy the positive responses you’ve received on your album and sit back. Maybe you want to take things to the next level by performing your album live and going on a tour, but that’s up to you.