Bpm’online as Your Call Center Management Software


Inbound calls, outbound calls, ACD, average handling time, call center staffing – imagine having different software to manage those tasks within the Call Center? BPO companies especially those in the Call Center Operates fast – as much as possible, no downtime. Using a call center management software can ensure that every aspect of the operation is working smoothly as possible. Scouting for a CRM provider will be easy if you know your business well enough. Solutions providers are everywhere but all comes with a price. The question is how much are you willing to pay?

Getting to Know the Call Center Management Software

Ideally, CRM software should help everyone be able to access the customer information, at the right place and at the right time. The goal of the software is to help improve not only the customer experience but the end-user experience as well. Effective call center management software can feature all-in software that includes social media monitoring, case tracking, training programs and knowledge-based applications.

Technology has come a long way in terms of uplifting the lives of mankind and customer service experience is no exemption. Using the call center management feature like bpm’online is something that you should consider before it is too late. CRM places the customer at the center of a company practices – the core of business. The best crm management software aims to:

  • Create value for the customer and the company;
  • Maintain a pool of loyal customers
  • Empower organization for “competitive advantage”

The bpm’online knows that not all customers are equally important. There is a portion that you need to give most of your attention to because those are your loyal customers- as a company, you need to be able to build relationship with them, give them value and a well-manage crm tool can do that for you.

Advantage of bpm’online as your CRM Management Software

Every call center management software has its own advantages and disadvantages. There is no one-size fits all in terms of crm tool. Having bpm’online as your crm provider on the other hand creates more opportunities, more potential. The disadvantage will always come in paying the fee for the software but the rest – maintenance, management, etc. can be handled with ease. The bpm’online management software can:

  • Help your company reduce costs. Operations will become more efficient since the right things are being done at the right time
  • Increase customer satisfaction – crm tool can help you provide a personalized service. This will help your company develop a relationship with your loyal customers. Increase customer satisfaction may also result to “community” – your very own alpha group
  • Help company promotion – increased customer satisfaction can help in promoting your company services. Good reviews online are goldmine
  • Highlight poor operational processes – the bpm’online tool can give you a bird’s eye view on where your business is lacking. After all, you can only improve the things that you can measure
  • Profitability and sustainability – crm management software is perfect for your multi-product offering. If you know what is happening on each aspect of your business, you can easily target those that needs to improvement. CRM will give the ability to act quickly in case there are significant and immediate market trends

Call Center Management Software and Relationship Marketing

Using a crm management software means tasks for marketing will become a lot easier. Compared to the old days when the work involve more manual job, today, marketing can benefit a lot with a crm tool. Gone are the days when the marketing will need to field work and try to reach for the potential customers face to face. Using progressive profiling and other integrations CRM tool can help marketing develop a relationship in each stage of the buying cycle.

There is no doubt that crm management software will play an important role in promotion campaign, feedback services, upgrade, branding, and events. It will touch all the important areas for business like processes, sales, customer service and marketing.  Bpm’online can work in improving the way you handle your CRM business in terms of: analytical, collaborative, operational, geographic and sales intelligence.

Things to ponder before purchasing your business CRM

Before the purchase, make sure that you have conducted a strategic review of your organizations processes and be able to answer the questions like: what are you selling? Are there any chances for future development? Do you see your product evolving over time? Can your current IT infrastructure able to provide support in case there are issues that will arise in the future? How much is your budget?

If you are able to provide a clear answer to these questions, then you can move to the next phase of the project, implementation. It may sound complicated in the beginning but eventually,  everything will fall into place.